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if your boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.

if your boyfriend is your only friend, you’re doing it wrong.



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Zodiac Sagittarius Facts — Leave it to Sagittarius to find out whatever it is they want to know….


Artist and stamp creator Nakashima723 has put together an instructional graphic to help defend against unwanted sexual advances. The image, which has been shared 16,406 times, illustrates four specific defenses that could be used if a target finds themselves trapped between a wall and their attacker. The suggestions are based specifically on the difference between the attacker and defender’s height.
Image 1 If your attacker is approximately your height, with both arms blocking an exit, a swift jab to the tender armpit can cause a great deal of pain.
Image 2 In this position, where the individual is slightly taller than you, the image recommends a punch to the solar plexus. The solar plexus is right under the breastbone and a blow to it causes the feeling of having the wind knocked out of you.
Image 3 If you find yourself trapped with someone a head taller than you, the picture recommends a classic uppercut to the chin.
Image 4 In the last image, when facing someone significantly taller than you, the image shows a jumping headbutt to the chin. Please note that headbutting someone is risky, as it can injure both parties depending on what part of the head comes in contact.
Besides self-defense techniques, Nakashima723 also illustrates stickers on LINE and other examples of the pros and cons of height differences.
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 Because big, bulky boxes are not obvious at all. 

This is super smart




how do they even survive in the wild?

#I’m like 99% shure red pandas survive just because the predators are like #’…I can’t. Too cute.’